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Innovative platform

Sextra.dk is Denmark´s most innovative and secure advertising portal. With our unique features, you´ll experience an advertising page like never before. We have chosen to make the site very user-friendly and easy-to-use for everyone, so you can quickly find what you´re looking for. The combination of our features gives you completely new options to customize the page for your specific needs.

Security in focus

You can safely use our Smart-GPS and search for the next hot experience on our map, but in order to maintain your exact location we have created GPS-Security - a security circle that hides your exact location from other profiles on Sextra.dk. We have chosen to give you control over your visibility so you can choose how you want to be shown on Sextra.dk

We have created small videos for you, explaining Sextra´s features and the functionality of the page.

Why should you use Sextra?

Why use sextra? (as a customer)

Sextra.dk - Denmark´s innovative and secure advertising portals

This website has been collaborated with major customers and experienced sex workers who have been in the industry for up to 10 years and still active. On the page you will find innovative and unique features that prioritize security, naughty experiences and community – never seen on Denmark´s other advertising portals!

Sextra.dk - Denmark´s innovative and secure advertising portals
These features allow you to search among the many profiles created on Sextra.dk. Our search function is designed so that the desired service can be found quickly and easily. This could be all from sugar dating, strip, dogging and massage-escort. At Sextra.dk we do not want to compromise on the range of services offered. The search function also includes hair color, height and age and much more. Our Smart-GPS system makes it possible to see where in the country it can be met and the next hot experience can be experienced. At Sextra.dk we also provide the opportunity to search for the individual customer/customer /user to user or sex worker.
GPS-Security gives you the best security and is feature never seen on other ad portals or platforms in these categories. You can safely enter your address as other profiles only see a red circle of/within 500 meters radius from the address. It´s only YOU, who decide who will get your address. The address is random chosen within the circle.
All this can be found under the "search" feature on the front page.

At Sextra.dk you can follow your favorite advertisers. This way you can keep up to date on new initiatives, prices or where the next naughty experience is to be found. This feature also makes it easier for you to retrieve previous ads and offers. You can always see the ones you follow on your personal profile.
On Sextra´s map (Smart-GPS) during search, there are 2 location labels. The red meaning closed and the green is open when you are logged in as a user.

2-way communication
As a customer, you have the opportunity to communicate with the many other users on Sextra. It works exactly as you know it on other social media. In traditional advertisement, it is up to the user to contact the advertiser. With Sextra´s 2-way communication, the advertiser now has the opportunity to contact you. At Sextra, we take care to prioritize your discretion while giving you the best opportunity for a naughty experience. This feature can be found on the desired page received under "Send Message".

What are shoutouts?
It offers unique opportunities for advertisers to get your attention on Sextra.dk. The advertiser can provide good deals, cancellations in their calendar or if they work in another part of the country and more. All entries will be displayed on Sextra´s storage wall, ´Shoutout´
You´ll get the posts shown first from those you follow.

In Shoutout, advertiser has the ability to create #hashtags, for example #Happyour10%, #Iamsohorny, #makesomeextraonsextra. Click on #hashtag’s and you will see the advertisers who has used these #hashtags.

Hvad er Safezone?
At Sextra.dk, the advertiser´s security is our no.1 priority. We have therefore created Safezone, where you can feel 100% safe as an advertiser. In Safezone, all Sextra´s advertisers can collaborate with each other to create the best working environment for everyone. You may know the principle from forums where customer-to-customer experiences are shared with a customers visit and experience with a sexworker. The same principle has Sextra.dk made to the advertiser where the purpose is to stop persons giving the advertiser bad experiences. Some experiences can never be forgotten and make deep scars in the soul.
Here, Safezone is the advertisers forum for a warning instead of being the next victim, and having a chance not to be exposed to the experience of a colleague. Before a profile has access to Safezone, the profile must be checked through our strict security check made by Sextra´s security staff that checks out the profile. If there is any doubt that the applicant is genuine, sextra staff will go to the registered work address and see the advertiser. Accepted profiles will then get a “Verified by Sextra” badge on their profile. In addition to the advertiser accessing Safezone, it also gives users on Sextra a stamp, that the images and profile are authentic.

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We are determined to give you the best experience on Sextra.dk. Our support is open 24 hours a day, so you always can get in touch with us.