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Why should you use Sextra?

Why use Sextra? (as a customer)
Sextra.io is your new innovative and secure advertising portal.

This website has been created in collaboration with major customers and sex workers with industry experience of up to ten years and counting. On this page you will find innovative and unique features that prioritize security, naughty experiences and community – something never seen on Denmark´s other advertising portals!

Search feature, Smart-GPS & GPS-Security

These features allow you to search among the many profiles created on Sextra.io. Our search function is designed to allow for easy access to the desired service. This could be anything from sugar dating, strip, dogging to massage-escort. At Sextra.io we do not want to compromise on the range of services offered. The search function also includes hair colour, height, age and much more. Our Smart-GPS system makes it possible to see where in the country your desires can be met. At Sextra.io we also provide the opportunity to search for individual customers and users.

GPS-Security provides you with the best security and is a feature unique to this platform. You can safely enter your address as other users are only shown a red circle with a radius of 500 meters from your address. The address is randomly placed within the circle and cannot be assumed as the centre point. Only YOU get to choose who receives your exact address.
All this can be found under the "search" feature on the front page.

What is Safezone?

At Sextra.io, the advertiser´s security is our no.1 priority. Therefore, we have created Safezone, where you can feel 100% safe as an advertiser. In Safezone, all of the advertisers on Sextra.io can collaborate with each other to create the best working environment. You may know the principle from forums where customer-to-customer experiences can be shared. This same principle is being offered to the advertisers on Sextra.io. This allows the advertisers to share bad experiences with each other, hopefully preventing them in the future. Some experiences can never be forgotten and leave scars on the soul.

Safezone in the advertisers place to warn each other. Before a profile gets access to Safezone it must pass a strict security check, created by Sextra’s own security staff. If there is any doubt regarding the applicant’s credibility, the staff will check the registrants work address. Accepted profiles get a “verified by Sextra” logo on their profile. This stamp guarantees any user that both the profile and its pictures are genuine.

What are Shoutouts?

Shoutout offers the advertisers a unique opportunity to get your attention. Through Shoutouts they can promote great deals, alert you to cancellations in their calendar or let you know if they work in another part of the country and much, much more. All entries will be displayed on Sextra.io´s storage wall, ´Shoutout´.

You´ll get the posts shown first from those you follow.
In Shoutout, the advertiser has the ability to create #hashtags, for example #Happyour10%, #Iamsohorny, #makesomeextraonsextra. Click on the desired #hashtag and you will see which advertisers has used them.

2-way communication

With Sextra’s two-way communication users can communicate with each other, just as they can on other social media sites. This means that the advertiser now has the ability to contact you and not just the other way around. At Sextra.io, we take care to prioritize your discretion while giving you the best opportunity for a naughty experience. This feature can be found on the desired user’s page under ‘Send Message’.


At Sextra.io you can follow your favourite advertisers. This way you can keep up to date on new initiatives, prices or where the next naughty experience can be found. This feature also makes it easy for you to retrieve previous ads and offers. You can always see the ones you follow on your personal profile. When logged on as a user, a search on the map will show both open (green) and closed (red) location labels.

PANIC button

Pressing the button enters the Google search page. Just in case ... We are determined to give you the best experience on Sextra! Our support line is open 24 hours a day allowing you to always get in touch with us.