Sextra actually started to name "Who´s on duty" when the idea was in the seed stage. The idea came from a good friend of Jespers who was a major customer of sex and thought it was so difficult to find what he was looking for. Therefore, the idea came up with Smart-GPS. We contacted some sex workers who had up to 10 years of experience in the industry; to hear what they thought would be better. There were 3 main points that gave the best opinion for both sex workers and customers; Security, Networking, and Marketing and as time went by, more and more features were added to the platform. At first, it was only sex workers and customers we had focus on. Later, we could see it made good sense to make a website that could lift the whole naughty segment. The features we had developed for massage and escort could easily be adapted to the other categories that you will have the opportunity to use on Sextra. We now offer massage and escort –Sugardates– sex dating - strip - dogging and there will come more super cool features over time, tailored just for you.